The Beginning

It’s well-known that the hardest part about starting something new is starting.

That’s especially hard when it comes to starting a blog. You typically know what you want to write about, but when you have that spotless canvas in front of you, it’s hard to know where to begin. That would be the reason why this post seems to be rambling; because it is. So, allow me to share my ideas behind this blog, that way you aren’t surprised if you see something here one day.

This internet location – also known as a website – is the home of a few different things:


There are times when I just need to write. When I had a different blog, it was more of a sounding board for what was wrong with my life. To be totally honest with you and myself: it was quite depressing. I don’t plan on doing that here.

Nope. I want share what I’m working on, whether it’s design work for a client, for fun or even my podcast(s). It’s a “peek behind the curtain,” if you will. Transparency in my work has always been a goal of mine, so expect to see process photos and my thoughts on why I’m making certain choices. I hope it’ll be fun for you. It will definitely be a help for me.


I was introduced to design in high school. I’ve loved it ever since. One thing I’ve never really had, though, is a place for all of that work to be showcased. That was the biggest reason for starting this site/blog. Instead of sending people all over God’s green earth to find my work, I want to direct folks to one place that I have some control over.

This is it. Welcome.


My first podcast, Geek This, launched in 2012. At the time of this writing, the show has – much to my chagrin – produced 60 episodes, all focused on comic books, movies, and pop culture. I love doing it so much that I’m looking into creating another podcast specifically for this blog, but I don’t have any clear plans at the moment. (Yay, another idea for a future blog post!)

So there. That’s more or less what you’ll find when you visit. I hope to have something new for you each week, but you know how blogs can be. Especially when they aren’t owned by a conglomerate and staffed with a butt load of writers.

If you’re up to it, you can follow me on Twitter – where I’ll be writing dumb things – and Instagram – where I’ll be doodling things in timelapse.

Thanks for reading.

Photo: Markus Ebbesen via Unsplash

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