The Stress of Moving Isn’t Moving

We’ve been tenants at our current home for four years. When we moved in, I was working on the production floor of a facility that processes animal by-products for pet food. I worked 6-7 days per week, plus sometimes working 12-hour shifts. The hours were long, but the money was good.

The fact that two people we had never met chose to give us a chance when I had only been employed at this particular job for less than three months…? Wendie and I were astounded. That takes a lot of faith, especially when you’ve been burned by previous tenants.

But here I sit 4 years later, afraid of what comes next.

See, our landlords are selling the house we live in. It’s their property and they have every right to do what they deem necessary, I don’t argue that point. They’ve been incredibly gracious to us and gave us a leg up when we were down and looking for a new home. One away from the… er… stressful situation we were in before. They gave our daughters a good home to grow up in. For our youngest, it’s all she knows, and for our oldest, it’s probably been the best experience in her childhood so far. It’s been great for Wendie and me because we’ve learned – after entering our 30s and being married for 11 years – what being an adult is all about for the most part.

I’m scared, though, because it’s happening too fast for us. We’ve known that we would have to move for the last 5 months, but due to the winter season, it didn’t make any sense for us to look for somewhere else too soon. And this isn’t just our POV, our landlords agree. Seriously, who moves in the middle of winter?

But here we are, in May, wondering where we’re going next. Why? Because people don’t seem to be renting properties anywhere near where we live. That’s not hyperbole, either. That’s a fact. Look up rentals near Logansport, IN, and you won’t find anything. Oh, and if you do, they’re way overpriced or in a bad neighborhood.

I’m sorry, I already live in a sketchy part of town and don’t want to raise my girls in an even worse part. It’s kind of my right as a father, if I’m not mistaken.

Moving isn’t the hardest part of moving; it’s finding somewhere to move. Somewhere that has at least 3 bedrooms, has a yard for our kids to play without fear of being snatched up by someone, is in a decent neighborhood, and enables me to get to work every day safely. Mainly in the winter.

And, if the rest of the family has a say, it should be pet-friendly so we can bring the cat.

(Don’t tell them, but the cat isn’t really that bad. She’s actually grown on me the last year or so. Dumb cat…)

All kidding aside, we really are scared. We’re stressed out, too. Things are moving too fast. As I write this, a realtor is coming over to look at the house and take photos of all the rooms. All the while, we’re still living here, trying to pack things up, still looking for a good place that suits our needs. Isn’t life fun?

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