Into the Spider-Verse was amazing! These pieces, based on #Spidersona are just as amazing.

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse yet, I can’t help but say – as cliche as it is – GO SEE IT! It’s a beautifully animated film with a ton of heart and humor. Cannot wait to own a copy of this so I can study each and every seen! OK. Now for the part of the show where I actually get to what I wanted to talk about…

Twitter may be a dumpster fire of people screaming into an internet void, but there are some fantastic creators out there. The #spidersona trend is just a sampling of the people on Twitter who need to be recognized for their talent.

Here are some of my favorite posts that are part of #spidersona. Obviously, with Twitter being a constant stream of information, I haven’t (and won’t) see every post ever. That said, these are quite a few of my favorites. If you’re an artist or illustrator and are reading this, drop a link to your work so I can take a peek at it. I love seeing other creators do their thing!