Late Night Album Design

As part of a person study, I began a project called #LateNightAlbumDesign. (Catchy hashtag, I know.) The idea was to push myself creatively as a graphic designer. One of my favorite things to design has been album covers – music artwork for you youngsters out there. Doing this particular project would pull double duty by giving me more practice and building a portfolio based on one particular format.

I launched the project on my person Facebook page and asked for band and album name suggestions from my friends. I wouldn’t say the response was overwhelming, but it did give me a good first round. Since then, I’ve done a few more designs and shared them. Now, though, I want to make it official. This post will be the dedicated home of that project (maybe I’ll create a page eventually).

Take a second, if you would, and drop a fictitious band name and/or album name in the comments of this post. As I create new covers based off of them, they’ll be added to a gallery, as well as shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with my awesome hashtag #LateNightAlbumDesign. If you’re on any of those social media platforms, I’ll be sure to add you and give you credit for naming the project.

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