Hello. I’m Impatient.

This week has been one that has challenged me and depleted me. No, I didn’t work hard or exert myself to achieve some long-term goal. I didn’t start exercising or change anything about my physical lifestyle (sadly).

No, my friends, I’ve spent the entire week stressing out about things showing up in the damn mailbox.

Yes, you’re ol‘ buddy Dave has become an impatient monster of a human being, and I don’t know how much I’m kidding about the “monster” part.

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway in which I was awarded some new podcasting equipment. Then I placed an order for a new laptop, something I’ve been waiting to get for the last couple of years, but not had the funds for until now.

The equipment took longer than I expected to get here and included multiple emails to the folks running the giveaway and the company providing the prize. Before you close the window or tab and walk away with your eyes sprained from rolling them at my “millennial, #firstworldproblems,” I do know that I should be grateful to have the opportunity to do something more with my podcast. And I am, trust me. I’ll get to my justification in just a moment.

The laptop situation still confuses me, but what should have been a simple, “click, buy, ship, be happy” process turned into a very stressful (and stupid on my part) end of the week. To keep the story short, the shipment got delayed to the point that I took my business elsewhere for this particular order. I then placed an order at another retailer and when I checked on it, it appeared that they were suddenly out of stock after my order went through. I then decided to lose my mind and cancel the order.

What I didn’t realize upon seeing this new order was that somehow my location had changed on the website, which, in turn, changed the store I was seeing. That particular store was out, but the store I had actually placed my order with… it was stocked and my order was probably very close to being ready to be picked up.

Yep. I’m an idiot and impatient.

This is the part of the story where I explain my impatience. If you know me, you’ll know that impatience isn’t really my MO, even if I’m waiting for something important to me. I can push the excitement down or channel it into something else – usually talking about it non-stop until my wife smacks me in the face.

My excuse for this week’s craziness simply boils down to one thing: I haven’t slept well for the last two weeks. I’ve had some things go on at the day job that has caused me a lot of stress and then I am excited to get the podcasting gear and laptop. (Christmas is a fun time of year. I’ve never been able to sleep well on Christmas Eve, even as an adult.)

Through it all, I’m realizing that I can be impatient. There are most likely some psychological reasons why, but I want to take responsibility for my actions. I’ve stressed more than myself out. My wife has had to deal with me spazzing out nearly every day for the last two weeks – getting worse every day until today when I exploded. I’m normally a very patient, easy-going guy, but my lack of sleep has messed me up.

I’m hoping the weekend and some time with my family, playing board games, will help quell the storm that is my over-active brain.

Wish me luck.

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