Excuses & Analysis Paralysis

I am a serial starter of things. I’m also a serial quitter of things… or maybe “post-poner of things” would be the better title? Regardless, it’s something I’ve battled with for all of my adult life.

Most recently, I’ve been battling my excuses when it comes to getting parts of the new house squared away. Now that we have a garage that’s in good condition, I have an area to do more manual hobbies, like foamcrafting and learning how to paint board game miniatures. We also have a good basement that will become the new podcasting space. The problem with both of these areas is I keep finding reasons not to get started. Mainly it’s “analysis paralysis” but, again, that’s an excuse.

This morning I started my day like my father before me: a cup of piping hot coffee in one hand and a TV in front of me. Instead of watching the news and getting myself politicized, I was watching YouTube. Specifically, this video by Peter McKinnon.

For those of you not interested in actually watching it, the plot is simple: Peter’s dad took it upon himself to start his own YouTube channel to teach people the art of making guitars. He didn’t ask Peter for help or guidance, he just started. The moral of the story is to not make excuses for the things you want to do and just go for it, gathering information and getting better as you go.

Analysis paralysis is my default excuse for so many things in my life. I over-think every part of something and then burn out. Watching Peter’s video has ignited something in me today. I want to go back and start from square one with podcasting and foamcrafting, but instead of spending so much time trying to find all of the answers for everything, I want to get started and adjust along the way.

While I’m not an expert and I’ve just come to this realization today, I believe that this could be a game-charger in everything I do. Pretty sure it could work for you as well. So, what’s your excuse? What’s holding you back from doing that thing you’ve been planning on doing?

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