Podcast Consulting

Podcasting is a huge deal right now and maybe you’ve tinkered with the idea of starting your own. It’s possible that you’ve already started your show, but you ran into a problem that needs a one-on-one approach.

I’ve been running my own podcast since 2012 and have learned a large portion of what I know from trial and error, as well as working with the support team at Blubrry. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with the basics and I want to help you get going on the right foot.

You can sign up for my personalized, one-on-one podcast consulting services and get help with:

  • Simply getting things set up
  • Developing your podcast brand
  • Setting up your website
  • Choosing the right gear for your needs
  • Fixing website/feed problems
  • … and more!
Tell me more about yourself, what you want your podcast to focus on, current skill levels, and podcast goals.

For new podcasters, I will be exclusively using hosting services provided by Blubrry. They are not only my trusted and preferred podcast hosting company, I am also an independent contractor with knowledge of their system.

For current podcasters, I’ll work with whatever service you’re currently using to help you get things running smoothly again. We’ll learn together!